<Urgent Notice about the Application/Video submission deadline date>


After we officially opened up our Intl Oboe Competition Application via Muvac on Feb.15th , we have realized not small number of applicants or potential applicants have been confused on the dead line date of Video submission for our Preliminary screening(Pre-screening) due mainly to our rather insufficient description of the relationship between Application and Video submission, which in fact needs to happen at the same time.

While we have issued Q&A through our Web site/FB this week(Feb.20th)to clarify this, given the potential impact to the applicants and with our strong wish to all applicants to have  enough  time to create your Video for our Pre-screening in a comfortable manner, we have decided to extend our application(with Video) submission deadline from Mar.14th to Mar.24th (Central European time)

Just to re-iterate, as stated on our Participation Requirements section Ⅱ―4“How to Apply, all applicants are required to submit (a)~(e) among which (e)is the Video for the Pre-screening, thus it is very important to input/upload all information including this video, which only enable you to complete your application process via Muvac.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope we can expect as many oboe players as last time to apply to our 13th Intl Oboe Competition of Japan 2023 with this new application dead line date on Mar.24th !


13th Intl Oboe Competition secretariat

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